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Top 5 Types of Chocolate Cake

For millions of people around the world, chocolate is the best invention since sliced bread. And when it comes to rich and indulgent flavors, these chocolate flavored desserts are at the top of their class:

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Lifestyle guru and master baker Martha Stewart gives the classic cheesecake a decadent update with her triple chocolate cheesecake recipe. The tart and creamy flavors are balanced with rich layers of chocolate in the crust, filling, and over the top as a finishing garnish. Compared to the fluffy and moist texture of a traditional cake, this chocolate confection is dense and delicious, packing a force of flavor in every bite. Even with the tart and creamy base, the triple layers of chocolate can be intense on the palate, so many pastry chefs like to add a tart raspberry sauce and whole raspberries as a garnish to balance the flavor.

Chocolate Lava Cake

The magic of this heavenly chocolate dessert is the warm and gooey texture in the center that resembles freshly baked fudge. Garnished with powdered sugar and fresh raspberries, chocolate lava cake is a favorite item on the dessert menus at many high-end restaurants. Chocolate cake is nothing new, but chocolate lava cake, on the other hand, first made its debut on the food scene in the 80s. Michael Bras, the legendary French chef, wanted to create a dessert that tasted like a mug of hot chocolate. Working on it for two years, he finally came up with a technique involving individual desserts baked in ramekins. The frozen chocolate batter transforms into the signature melted chocolate center as it bakes. When he debuted the chocolate lava cake at his restaurant, it quickly became a staple of nouvelle cuisine.

Chocolate Pound Cake

Buttery, fluffy, moist, and delicious, poundcake is a popular base for a long list of classic desserts. For chocolate lovers, traditional pound cake gets a much-needed flavor boost from added chocolate, the quintessential ingredient of the dessert world. For a dramatic, world-class presentation, pound cake can also be baked in two or three layers that are held together with thick and creamy chocolate frosting. Taking inspiration from celebrity baker Christina Tosi, the founder of Milk Bar in New York City, try omitting the outside layer of icing in order to reveal the beautiful layers of chocolate cake on the inside. If you don’t have time for baking, Ne-Mo’s chocolate cake bread is the next best thing. Made with simple, wholesome ingredients, get ready to enjoy the taste of home baked chocolate cake with every bite!

Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

The rich and gooey texture of fudge is married with fluffy and moist layers of cake in this to-die-for chocolate confection. Double chocolate fudge cake is nothing new, but celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck puts a fun and creative spin on this classic dessert with his whiskey fudge cake recipe. The double layers of fudge icing and the bitter notes of baker’s cocoa meld perfectly with the bite of your favorite bourbon or whiskey. If there are kids around, you’ll have a hard time keeping them away from this irresistible chocolate dessert, so omit the spirits for a non-boozy version that everybody can enjoy.

Torta Caprese

According to a well-known legend, Torta Caprese, which means ‘flourless cake’ in Italian, was first invented by a pastry chef in Capri. When he forgot to add flour to his chocolate cake recipe, the first chocolate torte was born. Even though he made a mistake, he didn’t want to waste this decadent and indulgent chocolate dessert so he sold it in his bakery shop anyway. With a crisp outer shell and moist interior, the Torta Caprese was an instant hit, prompting him to keep the recipe as a regular item on the menu. And the rest, as they say, is history! The secret to its distinctive flavor is the finely ground almonds, which serve as a nutty and buttery replacement to traditional flour. With only a handful of ingredients, this recipe is fairly easy to make from scratch. Baking expert George Hirsch recommends melting the butter and chocolate slowly on low heat to avoid overcooking the delicate flavors.

When it comes to enjoying the little pleasures in life, these iconic chocolate cakes are a great place to start. In celebration of National Chocolate Cake Day on January 27th, indulge in Ne-Mo’s chocolate-infused desserts and get ready for a very sweet start to the new year!

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