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Our story begins in 1975 with a simple family recipe for the ultimate moist and delicious carrot cake.


Ne-Mo’s Bakery founder, Ed Smith, first baked up a batch of our now famous Ne-Mo’s Carrot Cake and began selling it to local restaurants and delis. To the delight of both Ed and the restaurant owners, it was an immediate hit. The orders started rolling in and it quickly became clear that there was a demand for high quality, fresh baked, delicious bakery products... and so Ne-Mo’s Bakery was born.


Since then, Ne-Mo’s has been setting the standards in the commercial baking industry. Our line of individually portioned specialty bakery treats has a long, rich history of satisfying consumers and retailers alike. In all our years of growth and expansion, we have never wavered from our commitment to producing great tasting products from premium ingredients, and supporting our retail partners with customer service excellence. As for the original family Carrot Cake recipe that sent us on our way – it remains unchanged.











With our high-end gourmet test kitchen and enthusiastic team of bakers, Ne-Mo’s is constantly developing new and delicious bakery products. Our skilled bakers work diligently, developing and testing new recipes to produce the finest fresh baked goods on the market. 


Successful growth is not possible without a commitment to the qualities and standards Ed Smith baked into that very first Ne-Mo’s Carrot Cake – fresh, high-quality ingredients; careful attention throughout the entire baking process; knowledge and understanding of consumer tastes; and a pure and simple love of baking. The Ne-Mo’s family is dedicated to carrying on in the tradition that began in 1975 and brought us to where we are today. Whether for our Ne-Mo’s brand, or for private label, you can be sure our commitment to tradition and excellence is the driving force behind everything we bake. 


Ne-Mo’s Bakery is recognized for our careful adherence to quality. We proudly follow the highest industry standards in quality control and quality assurance to ensure continuous recognition of Ne-Mo’s brand integrity. From ingredients and baking methods, to handling and shipping, our dedicated bakery staff ensures that our methods of production and delivery meet and exceed the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines set for all commercial bakeries. We deliver quality you can touch, see, and taste. 













• Authentic scratch baking from traditional family recipes
• Baked with only the finest, fresh ingredients
• Home-baked goodness you can see and taste
• Full line bakery for greater selection and assortments
• State-of-the-art bakery and test kitchen
• Nationwide recognition and availability through convenience store distribution
• Ne-Mo’s branded and private label offerings
• An unwavering passion for excellence
• Dedicated to keeping our customers smiling



The mission of Ne-Mo’s Bakery is to satisfy the American consumers’ desire for an enjoyable taste experience by producing and marketing individually portioned bakery products with an appealing homemade goodness.


"I always crave the carrot cake! Just good for my sweet craving and warms my soul!"

- Melissa M.

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