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5 Reasons To Bake With Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

You only get one day to celebrate the joys of motherhood, so make it special when you team up with your mom in the kitchen and bake your favorite treats together. From the baking pros at Ne-Mo’s Bakery, here are a few of our favorite ways to bake with mom on Mother’s Day:

Get creative in the kitchen

Make Mother’s Day a special event when you spend quality time in the kitchen with your mom. If you want to go down memory lane, try baking a family recipe that you remember fondly from childhood. All it takes is one bite of your favorite treats to bring back your happiest memories of days gone by. If you and your mom are up for a challenge, you could also use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to test your baking skills. Using a recipe for guidance, try making a signature bake that combines a unique blend of ingredients and flavors that resonate with you and your mom. You can also add a homespun twist to regional pastries from other countries.

Create memories with mom

Baking with your mom is the perfect time for taking photos that you will treasure for years to come. You will also have amazing memories of spending Mother’s Day in the kitchen with your mom. Make the day even more special when you wear matching aprons that commemorate the occasion. It makes for a thoughtful gift and a perfect accessory for Instagram-worthy pics.

Top it all off with delicious, home-baked treats fresh from the oven, which can be enjoyed with coffee or tea. If your mom loves to bake, you can also give her top-notch equipment for a Mother’s Day present such as a mixer or other baking tools. For another festive gift idea, place all of the ingredients for your baking recipes in a decorative gift basket with wrapping paper and a card, which makes a wonderful present for all the moms who love to bake.

Baking is an affordable activity

Brunch is the traditional Mother’s Day event for many, but it can get pricey if you’re on a budget. This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with a day of baking treats together in the kitchen, an inexpensive option for celebrating this epic holiday. Make it into an all-day event when you pack your baked goods and take them along on a picnic. Being out in the great outdoors is a peaceful and relaxing place to spend time with your mom on her special day; make it even sweeter with the homebaked taste of baked goods made from scratch.

Home baked treats taste delicious

The ultimate comfort food, baked goods are loved all over the world. You might appreciate the convenience of store-bought treats, but nothing compares to the home-baked goodness of the made-from-scratch variety. When baked goods are made by your mom and yours truly, you have control over what goes into your recipes, such as the amount of sweetness or high-quality ingredients like organic flour and premium cocoa. If you like your treats on the less sweet side, try reducing the amount of sugar in your recipes. If the batter isn’t sweet enough, it’s easy to add more until you get the flavor just right. The great thing about baking at home is that you can adjust the recipe to meet your personal preferences. 

Home baked treats can be healthy

When you bake at home with your mom, you have the option of using healthy recipes with quality ingredients. In fact, you’ll find many gluten-free, low sugar and low carb recipes that use baking alternatives such as dates for sweetness and organic almond flour. When you add chopped nuts for flavor and crunch, plus cocoa powder, chia seeds, and shredded coconut, you’ve got a healthy treat that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. With wholesome and delicious baking recipes, you can feel good about encouraging your mom to eat healthy while also indulging her sweet tooth.

If you don’t have time for baking, treat your mom to a few varieties of Ne-Mo’s treats, which are made from family recipes for a home-baked taste.

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