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7 Snack Ideas for a Touchdown Super Bowl Party

For Super Bowl 2019, get ready to blitz your taste buds with a combination of classic and inventive snacks that everybody will love.

Chips and Dips

This season, show your team spirit with a mouth-watering smorgasbord of chips and dips. For real crowd pleasers, try including classic football snacks like seven-layer bean dip, a tasty combination of tomatoes, pinto beans, jalapeños, cheese, and sour cream. Lifestyle guru and kitchen wizard Martha Stewart also includes chopped onions, scallions, and avocados as part of the layers. With a satisfying mix of Tex-Mex flavors all in one bite, you’ll need the big scoop tortilla chips to give this epic dip the justice it deserves.

The junk food fans at the party will also love a selection of Fritos and bean dip, a classic combo of American snack foods. Potato chips are another essential item for your snack table. To balance the saltiness of the chips, serve them with a creamy and tangy sour cream artichoke dip, which also tastes wonderful with corn chips and fresh vegetables.

Pro Party Tip: Make things easy on yourself by asking your guests to bring different items from the food menu. A potluck style feast will ensure that there is something for everybody while also helping you stay on budget.

DIY Nacho Bar

Another fun and festive snack idea is a DIY nacho bar, which should include a large bowl of tortilla chips, a crockpot full of melted queso cheese, and chunky tomato salsa. Your nacho bar can also include other toppings like Mexican flavored ground beef, guacamole, and cilantro. This way, your teammates can enjoy buffet-style nachos that they can customize to their liking.

Classy Crudités

Salty and rich snacks like nachos, chips, and the like, are always the expected fare at a Super Bowl party, which is why you need an equally tasty crudité platter to keep the flavors balanced. Give the typical fresh veggie plate a wholesome, farm-to-table update by using seasonal, locally grown vegetables.

While you’re at it, forget store-bought ranch that tastes like glue—a homemade ranch is easy to whip up in a blender; if you can’t find any buttermilk, you can use mayonnaise and sour cream for a creamy base with a hint of tanginess. You can also get creative with how you display your veggies. Instead of using a large plate, make your vegetables look like a bouquet of flowers by artfully arranging them in tall glasses.

Pro Party Tip: Give your guests more drink options other than light beer. If you don’t have a liquor bar, we recommend making a large batch cocktail such as a bowl of spiked punch or a pitcher of lemonade. Along with a selection of red and white wines, keep everybody happy with non-alcoholic beverages like soda and sparkling water.

Savory Hors-d’oeuvres

Along with more casual snacks like chips and nachos, a selection of gourmet bite-sized finger foods is perfect for appealing to a more discerning crowd. Include a platter of spanakopita, which is made with flaky and buttery phyllo dough that is filled with spinach, feta, and Greek seasonings.

These tasty bites are easy to make, especially with premade dough and frozen spinach. Try making them ahead of time and store in the freezer. Then all you have to do on game day is pop them in the oven for freshly baked spanakopita. For a little variety, also include a platter of classic finger bites like pigs in a blanket and stuffed mushrooms.

Pro Party Tip: Not everybody at the party will care about the Super Bowl, especially the little ones. Keep the kids entertained with a table of board games, coloring books, and age-appropriate toys.

Slow-Cooked Crock Pot Meals

Even a beginner can master the art of crockpot meals. When you add the right amount of fresh ingredients, the slow-cooked method never fails. Just remember to start the crockpot in the late morning so that the food will be ready by kickoff.

For a Cajun style crockpot meal, shrimp and grits are easy to make. Simply combine grits, broth, milk & cream, cheese, corn, salt, and jalapeños. Then slow cook for the best results.

Another popular Cajun dish is sausage jambalaya, a rich and hearty stew that is served over white rice. Along with Cajun seasonings, the stars of the show are peeled shrimp and andouille sausage, the special ingredients that give this dish a distinctive taste.

A classic American crockpot meal is chili, which can be served with grated cheddar cheese and a side of cornbread. This rich and filling meal is the perfect food for cold weather.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Every meal should end with dessert and a Super Bowl dinner is no different. After snacking and feasting on rich and savory flavors, your guests will appreciate a single serving of chocolate cake with icing. If you decorate your cupcakes with the colors of your favorite team, you’ll be sure to score extra points from your fellow sports fans.

Another fun baking trend you can try is mini cupcake tins, which create adorable bite-sized desserts. If you don’t have time for baking, you can still treat your guests to the home-baked goodness of chocolate cake with a selection of Ne-Mo’s treats, which come in convenient individually portioned packaging.

Fruit & Cheese Plate

In French cuisine, the last course following dessert and coffee is the fruit and cheese plate, which is meant to cleanse the palate, among other things. According to French custom, the cheese protects your teeth from sugary desserts and the acidity of coffee by coating them with a layer of acid-reducing alkali. The fruit and cheese plate will also be much appreciated by your wine drinking guests.

With a menu this varied and tasty, you’ll be the MVP of your next Super Bowl party!

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